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2020.01.16Photo plan? or Wedding plan??

Do you prefer Photo plan or wedding plan in Hawaii??

We have good plans for you , we are looking forward to hearing from you : )

2020.01.05Happy New year

Greeting Happy New Year from Royal Kaila.

We are lookig forward to contacting from you :)

2019.12.19This is the end of the 2019

We, Royal Kaila wish you a merry christmas and a wonderful happy new yeae!!

May your holidays are gureat : )

2019.12.05New Year holidays

We'll have the holidays during the above period.
(Inquiry only,)

2019.11.16Sunset Photo

ROmantic sunset Photo is also our recommandation for your wedding :)

Please check the sunset page here and contact us!!

2019.11.01about the booking.

We are sorry that we now stop the wedding or photo booking during Oct-Nov.

If you are interested in the Hawaii island wedding on Dec.,

we are looking forward to hearing from you :)


Our Albums are good for your best day wedding :)

As a opution, please check them here.

2019.10.02Photo Gallery

We've entered September, the month of autumn.

It's still beautiful down here on Hawaii Island.

Why not check out our photo gallery for a sample?

View the gallery on this page.

2019.09.25Event in Bigisland

The Ironman World Championship will be held on Oct in Bigisland!!

If you fave any chances to visit the Island,

let's go and cherr them up : )

2019.09.19Where would you go in Bigisland?

There are so many attractive spots in Bigisland!

You may feel the mother-nature in Hawaii !!


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