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Terms & Conditions for Credit Card Payments

Based on the Terms & Conditions for Credit Cards (called Terms & Conditions hereafter), EXEO JAPAN, Inc. (Our company hereafter) wishes the use the credit card payment service (this service hereinafter) and give this service to customers who agree to this Terms & Conditions on the Hawaii Island Wedding website <http://www.hawaii-island-wedding.com/eng/> (this site hereafter).

Accepted credit cards

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, and JCB.
  • Only credit cards issued to the credit card holder may be used.
  • The name of the credit card holder must be the same as that of name used when applying for a reservation. If the names differ, a credit card payment will not be accepted.
Accepted credit cards

Customers who may not use this service

Customers who use the credit card illegally, fraudulently, or maliciously may not use this service.

Regarding the name appearing on credit card statements

The name "AXES" will be listed as the billing company on your issued credit card statement.

Conditions in which payment can be made

  • Customers applying for a plan using this site.
  • Payment made by the payment date as designated by our company.

Payment method

Payments will be handled using this site's credit card payment screen.

Regarding refunds

Payments made by credit card will be refunded in the following ways:

  • A)For photography cancellations made 15 days or more in advance, a 1,000 yen handling fee will be incurred. The remaining money will be credited to the customer's account via bank transfer.
  • B)In the event of double payment or some other error, no handling bee will be incurred and the refund will be credited to the customer's account via bank transfer.

Regarding security

The credit card payment service is provided by AXES Payment Inc.

  • 1)For more information about the security of credit card payments made via AXES Payment Inc., please view the link below. (http://www.axes-payment.co.jp/credituser_e.html)
  • 2)All information sent between this site and AXES Payment Inc. is done so using special SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encoding techniques.


In the event disputes related to debts occur between users of this site and the credit card company, they must be settled between the party and the credit card company itself. Our company will not bear any responsibility on matters such as these.

Inquiries regarding credit card payments

For inquiries regarding credit card payments and/or billing, AXES Payment Inc. will provide customer service and support. Please refer to the following information.

AXES Payments
AXES Payment Inc. Customer Service and Support
(Available 24 hours a day/365 days a year)
[URL] English inquiries: http://www.axes-payment.co.jp/contact/us/index.html
[TEL] 0570-03-6000 (03-3498-6200)
[E-mail] creditinfo@zeroweb.co.jp
AXES Payment Inc. home page (Japanese): http://www.axes-payment.co.jp